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Originally Posted by cutthemdown View Post
So they can't pay expenses, pay the minister, pay to have church kept up, etc etc? Paying the minister is not charity. Would you want the church to pay tax on that money before they pay him?

Also are you saying a non profit has to be charity to be non profit? Are you saying all non profits that aren't church related should pay more tax?
I'm (sloppily) using the word charity interchangeably with non-profit.

We've gone over this a dozen times cutlet. My position is a church should not be given special privileges above and beyond other non-profits. They should be held to EXACTLY the same standard as any other organization seeking non-profit status. Open books being the biggie (but by no means the only thing).

Are you going to be honest enough to acknowledge that churches are given special privileges over other charities, or are you going to continue to be obtuse?
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