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Originally Posted by CEH View Post
He's 5'9 and will be picked on. Never goin change that part of his game
Chris Harris is 5'9" too. I just wish Carter played with more enthusiasm, like he did when he first got to play after Porter went out.

There was one play where he gave up 10 yards. Harris came off his man to make the tackle past the 1st down marker. Carter tried to give Harris daps for a 'good play', and Harris just ignored him...because it was a play Carter should have made.

It's little things like that (plus the benching at the end of the game), which indicate that Broncos players and Coaches might not be too happy with the guy. They know he can give more effort, and he's just not right now.

Like I said at the start of this thread, I think that's why they are going to start playing Porter again.
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