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Originally Posted by houghtam View Post
I wonder if he's willing to have his taxes raised the billions of dollars it would take to arm and train every teacher in every school, or if he's willing to accept the monumental drop in teachers we will have if we make owning, being trained with, and carrying a gun to school a requirement of becoming a teacher.

My guess is probably not.

Someone has gone off the deep end. I feel sorry for anyone who is under his jurisdiction as an officer of the law. Not because he carries a gun, but because he comes up with such a completely useless, illogical and impossible solution as arming every teacher.
Surprised you don't just suggest a 1% sales tax on all guns and ammo. With the money going to schools to beef up security. At least that might actually help. But just wanting stupid bans on certain guns is a joke. It won't help anything.
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