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Originally Posted by BroncoBeavis View Post
What a swift kick to the nuts this is. It's another whole tier of classlessness. "Hey, Tim, you'll be our backup all year. We'll use you however we can while you patiently wait for your opportunity. We'll break your ribs letting you get hammered out there. Then when all hope is lost for the season, and we finally give up the ghost on this turd sandwich quarterback we drafted, we won't give you a shot. We're going to bring in this other kid who was inactive almost all year and let him take over for a couple meaningless games."
All this does was prove the not so well kept secret that it was the Jets brass, not the Jets football people, who wanted him there. 31 teams could have gotten him for pennies on the dollar from us and the only taker were the Jets business side and a team who puts a tarp over their upper deck near his college home.
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