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Originally Posted by Agamemnon View Post
Your point about McDaniels is probably way off. He didn't draft Tebow to play like Brady. He drafted Tebow to play like Tebow. McD has borrowed a lot of spread concepts from college and was probably looking to bring some kind of Spread Option variant to the NFL. Who knows if that would've worked? It would've probably worked a lot better than trying to shoehorn Tebow into a short rhythm-based pro system like the Broncos and Jets have tried to do.
You're way off base,the first game or two they tried a pro style offense but then changed to an offense that was made for tebow. The problem was tebow couldn't throw the ball in a consistant manner & was never a threat passing.teams finally caught up,hence we lost three out of four to finish the season. Denver bent over backwards putting an offense that tebow could succeed in.
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