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Originally Posted by BroncoBeavis View Post
We had this discussion already. If they were 'healthier' in terms of who was on the field it was very marginally so.

But it mostly ended in a bunch of contortions like when Ryan Clark being missing in January was shouted from the rooftops as being a huge unfair advantage. But then when he was absent again this September, it suddenly wasn't such a big deal. Polamalu being hobbled and Harrison out for the opener this year was also pooh-poohed.
Troy P started the season healthy, he ironically hurt himself arm baring DT. Harrison has been a shell of his former self all year.

Anyway, look its well known/documented you are a Tebow fan. I respect you like a player, PM happens to be my favorite player. But why you hang around and turn everything about this season into a negative because your boy got the boot is silly. There's nothing Tebow does better as a QB, nothing about last season replicated a better team, season, or QB. Just stop searching, enjoy the ride or get off, cause this baby ain't stopping until New Orleans.

By the way, I think you'll be searching for a new board next year, that is if any team really wants to bring the circus to town.
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