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I've said for awhile that you have to build an offense around Tebow. Expecting Tebow to play and be successful in a pro style offense is not very likely. Hell RG3 is WAY better then Tebow, but I don't think he would have been very successful this year if the Redskins expected RG3 to match Shanahan's system. Instead they incorporated things that really took advantage of RG3's skillset.

Course the problem is that even if Tebow's in a great situation, with great players around him--that's probably a 8-10 win team max. Since the goal is winning titles, few GM's/Coaches want to do that. It'd have to be a coach that was brought in, that came from the college game that had no problem rolling the dice with an unconventional offense. Where there wasn't a lot of pressure to win titles (Jacksonville seems like an ideal location if they brought in the right coach).

McDaniels would be awful for Tebow because he will not ever create an offense around him. He will expect Tebow to run the same offense that Tom Brady runs, and there is a 0% chance of that ever happening.

I don't blame Tebow for wanting out if he feels he wasn't given a fair shot. Hopefully some team gives it to him, but if not going to the CFL is not a bad option if he wants to continue to play QB. Obviously would be a great short yardage back if he was willing to do that.
Your point about McDaniels is probably way off. He didn't draft Tebow to play like Brady. He drafted Tebow to play like Tebow. McD has borrowed a lot of spread concepts from college and was probably looking to bring some kind of Spread Option variant to the NFL. Who knows if that would've worked? It would've probably worked a lot better than trying to shoehorn Tebow into a short rhythm-based pro system like the Broncos and Jets have tried to do.
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