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Originally Posted by jerseyguy4 View Post
I don't actually doubt this. Unless I have a sign out front warning people of my armed status, a burglar wouldn't know the difference from the outside of who is armed and who isn't.
What I don't like is the statement that 'there is no evidence that gun ownership deters burglary'.
If I KNEW a homeowner had easy access to a gun, I would not burglarize the house. Or, if all home owners had easy access to guns, there would be less home burglary, most especially when homeowners were home.

I do not need a phd to come to this conclusion.
Do the research on criminology. Or just watch an episode of "It Takes A Thief". The primary factor determining whether a burglar targets a house is how quickly they can get in and out. Having a gun in the house will not change this, and more than likely, even with your fingerprint safe and gun, your house will statistically have been burgled long before you are able to mount any response. This means that in a home invasion where the perpetrator is intent on physical harm, it's also more likely that they will get to you or yours before you get to them.

Personally, I feel safer in my house without guns (although I do own a Model 1861 Springfield rifled musket) than I would with them.

But then again, no one is asking you to give up your guns. Most of us would just prefer not to live in a society where people who admittedly never have and likely never will have the need to carry a gun on their person still want to do so anyway. Most of us would prefer to live in a society where one of the most popular rifles is not a modified M-16. Most of us would prefer to live in a society where the reason you can't get a 100 round magazine is because there is no reason a normal person (I mean this both physiologically and psychologically) needs one, not because they are sold out.

Own your handguns and hunting rifles with reasonable regulation on who can own them, with reasonable regulation on what types and how much ammunition they can carry, with reasonable regulation of muzzle velocity and caliber. I have no problem with any of that, regardless of whether racist errand thinks I'm lying or not.

What I do have a problem with is people buying an M-16 and calling it a hunting rifle. What I do have a problem with is people who perform the mental gymnastics required to come up with any legitimate reason to own a high capacity magazine. What I do have a problem with is carrying handguns like it's the 1870's and John Hardin's going to shoot you for cheating at cards. A populace walking around with holstered weapons in broad daylight is not the hallmark of a healthy, sane, or (statistically speaking ) safe society.
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