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Statistically speaking, burglars rob more houses with gun owners than without. It doesn't mean they prefer to rob gun owners. It means that there is no evidence to support the claim that having a gun in the house does anything to prevent burglaries on said house. There is a big difference between those two stances, and the latter disproves the theory that since I have a gun in my house, I am less likely to be robbed.
I don't actually doubt this. Unless I have a sign out front warning people of my armed status, a burglar wouldn't know the difference from the outside of who is armed and who isn't.
What I don't like is the statement that 'there is no evidence that gun ownership deters burglary'.
If I KNEW a homeowner had easy access to a gun, I would not burglarize the house. Or, if all home owners had easy access to guns, there would be less home burglary, most especially when homeowners were home.

I do not need a phd to come to this conclusion.
Furthermore, research shows that households that have guns are much more likely to have gun accidents. So not only are you really not protecting yourself or your family, you're actually putting them in more danger.
I agree, no surprise.
That was the point of the paper.

I'm not going to belabor this point any more, because it's obvious that you do not have it in you to debate honestly. You're just claiming that (for the millionth time) a peer-reviewed article published by a medical professional is bunk because you think so.

It's clear to me that you have no background in research methodology, otherwise you wouldn't be so afraid of facts and figures published and reviewed by people with far greater knowledge of a subject.

Don't be afraid of science.
Haha, fairly incorrect. I won't mention what I do, because this is the internet and you wouldn't believe me anyway.
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