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Originally Posted by DomCasual View Post
This thread also has some gems:

"You just gotta laugh at the hyperbole that surrounds the team that has Peyton Manning as QB..."

...says the guy whose favorite team has Tom Brady as QB.

Seriously, I hate fans of Boston sports.
That's what is at stake for Peyton Manning in the next 3-4 seasons tho. Brady (and Pats fans) own the scoreboard. Seriously, they've won 5 AFC championships and 3 superbowls in the last 11 years. Manning can only claim two Championships and 1 superbowl win.

Right now Brady has a real claim to being the "best" QB of his generation. He certainly plays the most important position on the best team of his generation. This season (and whatever comes after) are immensely important for Peyton's legacy.
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