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Originally Posted by Requiem View Post
Popsicle Pete is in Anonymous.
no not quite you can see his face can you not and also the man responsible for changing his dialog is none other than this guy ---->
Seanbaby is the nickname of Sean Reiley, a writer who works mainly in the medium of internet hilarity.
Just The Facts

Seanbaby comes from Idaho.
Seanbaby helped shape Internet humor as we know it.
Seanbaby is an avid user of the word "dong".

Cracked on Seanbaby

Seanbaby's website,, has been online since 1997 and has swelled to massive proportions in that time, becoming the Internet's second largest repository of quality comedy; The first, of course, being Dr. Nutshot von Dickjoke's Orangutan Ballet and Chuckletorium.

Read more:

he is quite funny check out his man comics

and no im not seanbaby im just some nimrod whos a bronco fan who likes to F with people at times and watch how they react and i must say you people do not disappoint i especially like that w*g fellow . somehow he thought i was racist so i posted some rucka rucka ali videos

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