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Trevor Penrose

Originally Posted by jerseyguy4 View Post
Good post and, while it is not mine, I don't mind your stance.
I would prefer to keep the police force low, taxes low, and I'll take care of myself.

I live in a good community. There is very low crime in the area and we also feel safe.
I do own numerous guns, but like your dad, they are currently useless to me in an invasion and locked up in the baSeimiant, away from my kids. Prior to my kids, I kept a loaded handgun within reach in the bedroom.

I will soon buy a fingerprint opened safe, so I again can keep the handgun in the bedroom, loaded, within reach. I would like to eventually have another on the 1st floor. Given my community is generally safe, keeping my kids safe from my guns is priority #1, and protecting them is priority #2.

I can't get a carry license in NJ, but I would if I could. In my life, had I had one, I admit I would never have had a reason to even remove it from the holster. That said, the thought of being in a situation where I could not actively protect my wife or children is sickening enough that I would certainly carry if I could. Dialing 911 is just not an acceptable option to me
I agree, I can respect your stance, the bold may work for you but what about your neighbors or community? Are they willing and able to protect theirs?

Do you trust your neighbors and community to take the measures you are willing to in order to keep their guns safe?

I would prefer to have a trained professional doing their job over hoping my neighbors are doing the same or better job securing their weapons.
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