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Originally Posted by Requiem View Post
Anonymous rules.
they have gone too damn far its time they go back to their so called church and stay the f*** away before some violence happens to them.
why cant someone arrest them for inciting violence or disturbing the peace take away their tax exempt status.
perhaps if they got a taste of some violence those SOB will think twice before going all stupid and celebrating the death of mere children .
oh before you go thinking anonymous is some sort of guys in white hats just remember they are not lead by one person nor do they have a hierarchy ie a central command they probably will go after Westboro . they aint fond of them either. anonymous mostly do stuff for the lulz next week some other anonymous people might hack a data base with credit card info and go on a spending spree or sell that info to some other people on irc you never know about anonymous but they are not of one hive mind they are not a club or org each of them do stuff as individuals or groups
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