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Originally Posted by eddie mac View Post
I'm not counting my chickens in this one. It's all about who you play on the day.

I nearly played Freeman last week and If I had I wouldn't be facing you in the final.

My head tells me Ryan in this one but then I cannot disregard the points Kaepernick just put up. It will be interesting and this is just one of the 4 out of 4 finals I've made in fantasy this year.

Good luck to you Drek.
See, I don't really have that kind of problem. My lineup has been more or less locked in stone all season. Manning, Peterson, CJ1K, Stevie Johnson, and Owen Daniels have started almost every week for me. Since grabbing Jano off the waiver wire he's been a lock as well, and since getting Steven Jackson via trade he's been a lock at my flex. I basically have one WR spot and a defensive match up choice to make week to week.

Really, the Manning + Peterson tandem have been carrying water for me all season long. Can't beat having two of the three top MVP candidates on the same fantasty team.
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