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Originally Posted by pricejj View Post

Carter had a PI on Boldin. That's about all I saw.

Boldin was pissed at Harris for shutting him out, that's why he got a 15-yard penalty cheap-shotting Harris with a block in the back.

Judging by the comments on this thread, sounds like most people are quite happy with the Broncos 4-2 Nickel Defense, and Tony Carter's breakdowns the last few weeks don't bother you one bit?

That's funny, the last time Bailey gave up a 3rd down conversion, half the Omane wanted to move him to Safety. I call out Tony Carter for multiple breakdowns in multiple weeks and it's rag on pricejj.

No thanks for the lack of discussion!
Carter over the last few weeks has not been great, but he has played better than just about any Nickel corner we have had in recent memory. The Champ thing goes both ways, either he is still the best in the game or it's time for a new position. No middle ground with the guy.
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