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Simon Fletcher

Originally Posted by Jekyll15Hyde View Post
xmas has come early for me! The Tebow-to-the-CFL countdown can officially begin
Why? Are you a Jets fan too? He is gone so you should either be happy for him or not give a rat's ass about him. What did he do to you or the organization that shows this response? I doubt any former Broncos QB gets this much hate. Orton is forgotten and it was Tebow who helped save our season.
I am not a Tebow nut hugger and was excited when we landed Manning but to for some to want him to fail miserably is either the Anti Christian type we saw last year or maybe hates his playing style that might change the NFL QB look (oh ****, did I go MacGruder on that one?).

I wish him the best of luck and hope we beat him badly if he gets a chance on an NFL team. Tim, thanks for the 2011 memories and you still can't throw but I hope you find a home somewhere...maybe J'Ville or the CFL.
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