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Originally Posted by Meck77 View Post
What I meant was own a concealed weapon. You can't in Chicago.

Houtam...I don't really care if you don't like guns, want to control them, or don't want to own them. I have plenty of them. Love to hunt, love to target shoot, and enjoy the right to carry one.

If you want to protect your family with a steak knife go ahead.

If you think regulating the 300 million people and the 300 million guns out there is going to make it safer for you go ahead. Personally I'm not one to leave things to chance, to the police, or the government.

I own a rural ranch in a community where there is no crime. Hasn't been a murder in decades. There are no robberies. People do not lock their doors. However, there is something in common you will see out there. The clerks at the local gas station visibly wear guns. People at the hardware store often have a pistol on their hip. We drive our trucks around town with guns. We use our guns to protect our livestock, we hunt with them, and well if some jackass acts like a fool in this town he won't last but 10 seconds because either me or some old cowboy will drop him.

In fact there really isn't even a sheriff in our town. He spends his time in the other community in the same county as there isn't anything for him to do in ours. Besides he knows the rest of us have our town covered.
Unless his name happens to be Marvin Heemeyer.
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