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And therein lies the problem, Jay. Tebow gets far more media attention than any other backup QB in the NFL. And it's because his vocal fans insist that he should be "given" a starting job without having to earn it... nevermind that he can't earn it over even the most mediocre of starting NFL QBs because he cannot consistently put the football where it needs to be to complete a pass. And Hanie and Pryor aren't in the media spotlight because they don't seek the spotlight. Tebow does.
When and where do the "vocal fans" cause problems? Are we still talking about the internet, and Twitter? They don't cause problems at practice, meetings, or games.

It's the lamest excuse ever. Coaches have no one to blame but their own uncertainty or lack of confidence in their own decisions. Bellichick wouldn't give a crap -- if he thought he could use the player, he would use the player. If not, not. I think Shanny would have the balls to do whatever he wanted without regard to Twitter or internet comments.

This constant tendency to make a morality play out of it -- well, Tebow brought this on himself, blah, blah blah. Or "Well, if only the fans weren't at fault . . . . "

It's football. If the guy can play, use him. If he can't cut him. Happens all the time -- the vast, vast majority of players make their march through the NFL, and go out with some coach somewhere making a decision based on football that they can't use them."
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