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Originally Posted by broncosteven View Post
Why not put more trained professionals out in the communities. They should be a visible deterrent to anyone trying to break a law or pull off some other heinous act. I am at the point where I don't care if others want to waste their money on guns, I want to see police on beats that take them into public spaces often enough that people will not have the time to shoot their way into a building then take 27 lives.

I felt more safe seeing that officer standing out side my kids school than I would have if I had a gun on me.
Well Steven we probably would if our nation wasn't 16 trillion in debt and most states weren't broke. Instead we are shipping billions upon billions to the middle east. *shrug*

I agree that we should shift a billion to protect our children at home but we don't.

As far as wanting more police though Steven they can't be everywhere. If I'm not mistaken you live in the chicago area and if so you don't even have the right to own a gun? At the end of the day as my dad says "We are all captains of our own ship". We can rely on others to protect us or you have to just do it yourself. Steven ask yourself this. If someone forces themselves into your home to harm your family would you rather have a loaded gun ready for them or not? I sure as hell would and do. Go Ahead. Make my day.

Why wouldn't you want that security for you children at school?
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