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Originally Posted by BroncoBeavis View Post
Gotta be JAX or bust at this point I'd think.
Even though the coaches and front office people don't want him, just the owner? That's why he picked the Jets over Jax to start with. It was supposedly the Jets coaches and front office people who wanted him, while he'd just be a side-show in Jax (of course, he's become that in NY anyway, but it's understandable why he thought otherwise back when the trade happened). I don't think it helps him at all to go to a place where the coaching staff hasd no faith in him.

To me, the ideal situation would be for Tebow to go to a team with an established starter and coaches willing to work with him. New England, for instance. He'd be reunited with the one guy in the NFL who ever showed any faith in him (McDaniels), and he'd be behind a future HOF, so he'd have a chance to really develop as a QB in peace. Whether or not Bellichek would be on board with that is another matter. I think it was rumored that Green Bay had some interest in him as well. If true, that would be another ideal situation.
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