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I'm forever grateful of the two rings.. but after John left he only drug this franchise down.. with his piss poor personnel moves.. HE was a genius initially when FA first started.. then he believed all ills of the Broncos could be fixed with it.. and it kept getting more expensive each year especially after everyone else saw what he had done to plug holes to get us those two rings..

IMO he was here 8 seasons to long.. even the play off run with Jake was fools gold, As much as I liked Jake he had very little/nothing to support him talent wise.. the OL was a joke even if they had good numbers on running the ball, when we had to have the yards inside the 20 we folded like a cheap tent, Elam was a leader in scoring in the NFL because we could not finish with TD's when we got close..

his Defenses sucked for most of his career here.. only a couple of time ranked in the top ten.. and then usually one side was strong while the other side of the D was near the bottom.. lets not even talk about ST's as we for the most part really sucked there..

sorry but I have zero love for mikey past those two rings.. Who knows with the talent we already had on the team another HC could have come in and done the same thing..
Mike Shanahan is a good head coach. He is especially good on game day and making adjustments.

The positives end when you consider his role as GM because he made high risk moves thinking he was only a couple players away from reproducing his excellent personnel moves he made in the first couple of years. As a GM, he continually backed himself into a corner against the salary cap with inferior talent and a ton of dead money. Denver was unable to really go after superior FA talent because they simply didn't have the cash. They were limited to going after guys that were either on the backside of their career or taking chances on guys that didn't really pan out with their previous team with Mike thinking he could "inspire" them to reach their potential (another fail).

Mike (the GM) was also a travesty in the draft. Took way too many chances drafting for need instead of best player available. Too much damaged goods.

Back to head coach. The Broncos were generally overachievers relative to the talent he had in the latter years. Denver's .500 record exceeded the talent. That lack of talent and character exposed itself during the repeated end of the year collapses. Even going into the AFC championship game in 2005, there was an obvious difference in talent between Denver and the elite teams in the league.

The only negative I give Mike (the coach) is his commitment to defense and the inability to select a keeper at DC that he wasn't ready to throw under the bus for the teams misfortunes. Additionally, Mike's ego became a big barrier at the end. I actually became enraged at times watching his press conferences with the attitude he projected. Agreed, his time in Denver had worn out a couple of years before his eventual departure.

I give kudos to Mike (the coach) in the way he has turned the Redskins season around this year. He is very good for RG3. Although, the Skins need to practice RG3 getting on his butt sooner.

Too many people have difficulty separating Mike the coach from Mike the GM in his Denver years. We can have the same discussion about Dan Reeves. Unfortunately, John Ralston was much better at talent evaluation than he was managing players and handling game decisions.

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