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Randy Gradishar

Originally Posted by Jay3 View Post
I think the CFL is a "quick release" game, because they allow a man in motion towards the line of scrimmage at the snap. (Or I could be confusing it with Arena football, which does allow that).

I've never seen the CFL thing. I genuinely think Tebow's best fit is what the Jets said they were doing. It just needs to be at a team where (1) the starter is a lock down HOFer, and Tebow is a backup and short yardage specialist, with occasional change-upl; or (2) they're willing to consider starting him if he's needed.

Maybe at the next stop ( if there is one), everybody will be a little more unclenched. Good grief, the back up quarterback positions, especially #3, is a wasted spot anyway. Tebow is a chance to get some production out of a spot that is a waste of oxygen on most Sundays.

We live in a world where Caleb Hayne and Terrell Pryor can live in peace. Maybe there's a team that can handle Tebow.
And therein lies the problem, Jay. Tebow gets far more media attention than any other backup QB in the NFL. And it's because his vocal fans insist that he should be "given" a starting job without having to earn it... nevermind that he can't earn it over even the most mediocre of starting NFL QBs because he cannot consistently put the football where it needs to be to complete a pass. And Hanie and Pryor aren't in the media spotlight because they don't seek the spotlight. Tebow does.
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