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I think the CFL is a "quick release" game, because they allow a man in motion towards the line of scrimmage at the snap. (Or I could be confusing it with Arena football, which does allow that).

I've never seen the CFL thing. I genuinely think Tebow's best fit is what the Jets said they were doing. It just needs to be at a team where (1) the starter is a lock down HOFer, and Tebow is a backup and short yardage specialist, with occasional change-upl; or (2) they're willing to consider starting him if he's needed.

Maybe at the next stop ( if there is one), everybody will be a little more unclenched. Good grief, the back up quarterback positions, especially #3, is a wasted spot anyway. Tebow is a chance to get some production out of a spot that is a waste of oxygen on most Sundays.

We live in a world where Caleb Hayne and Terrell Pryor can live in peace. Maybe there's a team that can handle Tebow.
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