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meanwhile working its way through the courts will be all the cases of taxpayers getting ripped off. The govt is just unable to do anything without most of the money being wasted or just outright stolen.

Several major solar panel companies have been issued subpoenas as part of a federal investigation into whether they overcharged for their work in order to squeeze more stimulus money out of taxpayers.
The investigation was revealed earlier this year by one of the subjects in the probe, California-based SolarCity. Shortly before going public last week, the company disclosed in an SEC statement that it "and other companies with significant market share" -- as well as others "related to the solar industry" -- had received subpoenas from the Treasury Department's Office of the Inspector General.
The SEC statement did not reveal what other companies are being scrutinized. But The Washington Post reported that SunRun and Sungevity have also received Treasury subpoenas.
The investigation follows the controversies over Solyndra, the California solar firm that declared bankruptcy in September 2011 after pocketing nearly $530 million in taxpayer support, and over other government-backed solar companies that have gone belly up.
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