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Originally Posted by ZONA View Post
The price would be too high for what you get on any of those guys IMO. I think if KM continues to run this good and does not get injured, that will go a long way with Elway and he will be back next year. Hillman is coming along but just to small to ever be a feature back, he gets blown up too easy on pass blocking. He will always be that change of pace guy. I'm not sure what you do with McGahee, you probably bring him back, he's been solid this year, a few fumbles too many but solid none the less. I think Broncos still draft someone but if KM keeps this up, that RB who gets drafted will be somewhere around round 4-6 instead of round 1-2. 1st round I imagine they with BPA, no matter what position, other then QB. Would love to see it be on the DL or maybe even LG if he's a stud, but usually guards don't go in round 1.
Denver needs/has to pick Lattimore. McGahee and KM can last one more year while he mends. If McGahee does retire we do need another stop gap vet though.
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