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Flowers has been awesome this year for what he's been given. Very glad we have him. Berry is finally starting to get his legs back (his injury was worse than Charles/Moeaki because he played some snaps after he tore it).

This coaching staff is misusing the hell out of Baldwin, plus Cassel and Quinn have thrown the worst passes imaginable to both him and Bowe. And Breaston isn't playing because he's a Haley guy! Complete and utter BS.

KC doesn't need an RG3 to be a WC. Look at the Colts and Seahawks. As hyped as Luck was coming out, he hasn't been that great this year. Hell his last 3 games he's had a completion percentage under 50%.

It's all about what coach is brought in IMO. If a guy like Reid or Holmgren are brought in, I will love the move. Both great coaches for QB's.
I agree Flowers has played well for the most part. His size will sometimes hurt him against some of the bigger and better WR's in the NFL though. They just have really no talent at the CB position after Flowers

Berry has improved and had a monster game Sunday, but Kendrick Lewis and the lack of any true depth at FS kills KC's secondary

Guess I don't buy that Baldwin is being misused. Just don't see any separation or explosion off the line of scrimmage for him. Maybe in the right situation, he could be a good WR for you guys but he needs to be coached up big time.

And Luck hasn't been great, but in the context of him being a rookie with a temporary head coach, he's done awesome. He probably throws in the 4300-4500 yard range.

He's also had 6 game winning drives in their 9 wins. I don't have the numbers in front of me, but that's got to be leading the NFL.
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