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CJ Anderson

Originally Posted by FearLanier View Post
Flowers has been awesome this year for what he's been given. Very glad we have him. Berry is finally starting to get his legs back (his injury was worse than Charles/Moeaki because he played some snaps after he tore it).

This coaching staff is misusing the hell out of Baldwin, plus Cassel and Quinn have thrown the worst passes imaginable to both him and Bowe. And Breaston isn't playing because he's a Haley guy! Complete and utter BS.

KC doesn't need an RG3 to be a WC. Look at the Colts and Seahawks. As hyped as Luck was coming out, he hasn't been that great this year. Hell his last 3 games he's had a completion percentage under 50%.

It's all about what coach is brought in IMO. If a guy like Reid or Holmgren are brought in, I will love the move. Both great coaches for QB's.
Flowers and Berry are the best 2 players on your back 7 and yet they still get beaten regularly, they could be part of a good secondary if you guys got a 2nd CB, Nickle back, and another Safety to play across from Berry. You still need to get outside LB's who can stop the run DE's who can set the edge, and 2 DT's. I watched Hali and Houston vs Oakland and they were terrible vs the run. Neither could set the edge or get off a block. I watched McFadden run around them to the outside a couple times, once vs Houston he didn't even need to get wide because Houston was blown so far off the ball.

Offensively you need to protect whomever they bring in to replace the hot garbage you have at QB and I just haven't seen the protection being there. Charles and McCluster make the OL look better as a run block unit because of their speed but put Hillis or drones back there and they get killed, especially in short yardage where good OL's prove how good they are.

I hope you guys get a game manager for a QB and have to watch dink and dunk football, your receivers had at least 6 or more clear drops last week. When a bad QB gets the ball to their hands your guys have to make the catch and they just don't. We get to watch PM put the ball in tight windows and watch DT make unbelieveable catches out of balance extended while being contacted and he comes down with the ball. The ball hits Baldwin or Bowe in the hands uncontested and they drop it. Good luck with a game managing QB trying to convert 3rd and 5, hitting that corp in the hands. More than likely his completion percentage will take a hit until you get at least 2 more WR's and at least another TE. Of course that is assuming he is not laying on his back because his OL got him creamed.

I wonder if Chicago doesn't go after Andy Reid to try to develop Cutler, they need to get a guy who will lay down the law to Cutler while designing a system that plays to his strengths.

Holmgren is done, he is out of touch with today's NFL. I would love to see you get him. I think Reid can still find a way to win games but it is clear his message has fallen on deaf ears in Philly.

Like Roland said above kFc will need the perfect storm in order to be looking at a wildcard game in the next couple years.
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