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Originally Posted by Meck77 View Post
Concealed weapon carriers are trained that when police arrive on scene you are to immediately put your weapon on the ground and lift your permit in the air.

If any fool starts shooting at me in public I'm taking him out if the police aren't there. The moment they are there or even close to being there I can tell you I'd have my gun down and my hands up. The police will easily sift through who is the bad guy after the scene is defused.

Steven...Simply put a good guy would put his weapon down immediately. The bad guy would more than likely pull the trigger on himself or get wasted by the police.

Yeah it's not a perfect world and their could be a mistake. Would one or two lives in a "mistake" shooting be better than 27 people in one room?

I'm seeing a real pattern now that more info is coming out. The media flat out doesn't cover all the success stories of would be mass shooters getting stopped or even nut jobs being stopped before they ever start. They really get excited when a dozen or more people get gunned down. That's when the drum beats to control guns. Meanwhile it's the good guys with guns actually preventing all the bad guys with guns actually making the news most of the time.
outstanding post..

that said so many morons are so anti gun they do not have a clue on gun safety or conceal carry license and the training one has to go through to get it..

but then what do you expect from a lib..
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