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Originally Posted by houghtam View Post
While I agree with almost everything you've said, politically speaking, you're not going to get a ton of disagreement on raising taxes to hire more officers from the people who want stricter gun laws in the first place. The opposition you'll get will more than likely be from the same people who don't want gun control in the first place.
And there is the rub...

It requires money somewhere. More money on access to and quality of mental health. More money on police, patrolling and in the schools. More money on metal detectors. More money enforcing current gun laws. More money on enforcing new gun laws (and there will be some). No matter which side you fall on, there is a cost to your proposed solution.

Yet the same folks who wont even think about thinking about having a discussion where gun regulation changes are the ones most violently opposed to any more government spending. That is the definition of a self feeding cycle.

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