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Maybe. Their pass defense has been pretty bad. And even if Bowe re-signs, they don't really have many options offensively. They need to sign Bowe, and draft/sign at least one more impact WR. Defensively, need to bring in at least one impact player in the secondary ideally at CB. A legitimate #2 RB would make their rushing attack more lethal as well.

I think to be in the WC race, the QB they bring in would have to have a RG3 type of impact, among other contributions for the new additions--which is doubtful.

KC is in a similar position to where Denver was after the 2010 season. Needing the perfect storm to occur to have a shot at the playoffs. It could happen but it's likely 2-3 years off.
Flowers has been awesome this year for what he's been given. Very glad we have him. Berry is finally starting to get his legs back (his injury was worse than Charles/Moeaki because he played some snaps after he tore it).

This coaching staff is misusing the hell out of Baldwin, plus Cassel and Quinn have thrown the worst passes imaginable to both him and Bowe. And Breaston isn't playing because he's a Haley guy! Complete and utter BS.

KC doesn't need an RG3 to be a WC. Look at the Colts and Seahawks. As hyped as Luck was coming out, he hasn't been that great this year. Hell his last 3 games he's had a completion percentage under 50%.

It's all about what coach is brought in IMO. If a guy like Reid or Holmgren are brought in, I will love the move. Both great coaches for QB's.
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