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With how weak the AFC is, I think it's possible to be in the WC race next year with a good QB and good HC.
Maybe. Their pass defense has been pretty bad. And even if Bowe re-signs, they don't really have many options offensively. They need to sign Bowe, and draft/sign at least one more impact WR. Defensively, need to bring in at least one impact player in the secondary ideally at CB. A legitimate #2 RB would make their rushing attack more lethal as well.

I think to be in the WC race, the QB they bring in would have to have a RG3 type of impact, among other contributions for the new additions--which is doubtful.

KC is in a similar position to where Denver was after the 2010 season. Needing the perfect storm to occur to have a shot at the playoffs. It could happen but it's likely 2-3 years off.
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