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Originally Posted by Irish Stout View Post
I agree with this. The mental healthcare system in this country has always had problems and its an incredibly tough challenge for society to face moving forward. Mental illness is so hard to judge sometimes, even for the professionals... then its sometimes hard to weigh an individuals abilities and freedom to whats actually best for the individual and others.

Gun control is a topic thats not going away... and it may be a band aid fix... but would there be any common ground in looking at mental health evaluations for gun purchasers as part of the control or is that too invasive? I'm sure people would still slip through the cracks and criminals who might already be mentally unstable will still commit crimes and steal guns. However, we have to start somewhere. I actually think this is too invasive... but it would also be something I'd be willing to accept. I'll likely ever own the one shotgun I currently have.

What about a requirement on automatic weapons that you must pass a training course (with or without a mental health eval) and then a trigger lock that requires a finger print ID pad to unlock the weapon? Without a mental health eval its not as invasive and it doesn't hinder people's right...

Just thoughts.
Well, we could go all "originalist" like Scalia et al. Since the founders wrote the second amendment when the only available "arms" were rifled muskets, just outlaw everything else but that.
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