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Chris Harris

Originally Posted by Fedaykin View Post
Always love the argument team x lost to team y Z months ago, so x has to be ranked lower.

It's especially irritating this year. Yep, we lost to the pats the texans and the falcons (and were in all three games). Of course, we've _only_ lost to elite teams, unlike the pats, texans and falcons.

Power rankings... meaningless
You know that is a very good point. We all know our schedule was front loaded and this team had not yet come together in terms of all that was new. But as you mentioned, we have only lost to the best teams in the NFL, probably the best teams in the NFL along with us and the 49'ers. YET, we are the ONLY team that has not lost a game to anybody else besides these teams in the top 5. Everybody else has lost games to scrubs or mediocre teams. At least that says to me, that this team was still coming together, even though we were in those games. It may cost us the #1 seed but it also could have forced this team to improve much faster then if we had some scrubs early. Being 2-3 and having played the elite teams showed us how fast we needed to improve, and that we did.
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