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Carl was better than many other GM's at drafting. The problem was he had a temper and would get into ego-pissing matches with players. I do think he can help you guys find a good GM. I do not think Polian is the guy you want - especially if his son is the de facto GM. If that's the case, you will pine for the days of Pioli. At least he brought some good players in.
Carl was extremely overrated. He put his name on LJ for crying out loud. That says enough to me.

I think Marty and Herm had a significant hand in the players that were drafted. DV was never that great at drafting, at all, and neither was Gunter.

Take a look at King Carl's draft's from the Gunter era through the DV era. It's atrocious, pitiful and pathetic.
Jared Allen was the luckiest pick of all time and they didn't even want DJ. They wanted Thomas Davis (thank God for Carolina).
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