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Exactly. The list was pitiful, and for some reason he used '05-'09 when Polian's last draft was '11. It's even worse if you go '07-'11. JerseyGuy actually did mention that the Colts OL was "falling apart," but it somehow escapes him that putting together a quality OL is the job of the GM. As far as Brown vs. Moreno...not sure why he made that comparison as Brown's career high is 647 rushing yards, a total Moreno has topped twice. Not that the comparison was relevant in any case. Brown stinks and was not a good 1st round pick.
I ignore 10-11 because 10-11 were Chris Polian's drafts as he was GM.

Howard Mudd was the Colts O-line coach until 09. He was the guy Polian hired in 98 to protect Manning, and he did that exceptionally well with primarily mid-round draft picks for 11 years. He left after 09.....the same time Chris Polian took over as GM. Good move, Chris.

I say Brown was better (comparing early career to early career) because he split time with Addai and started when Addai was hurt. He was a big part of Peyton's last 2 seasons, which combined for 24 wins.
Originally Posted by Br0nc0Buster
That is the point of the GM, to build a TEAM
He failed to do that, failed in an epic fashion
Again, this is not news. Everyone knew this was a possibility and was part of the team strategy. In the media, Irsay appeared unhappy with his 2-14 team, but I highly doubt he expected anything better than a 4 or 5 win team.
And btw the Colts Oline was not good, it sucked as well
Peyton just got rid on the ball so quickly to negate their crappiness
In the last few years after the SB win, not good at run blocking, but good in pass protection. They always were good at pass protection.
Tony Ugoh was the 2nd round pick as the LT replacement for Tarik Glenn. He WAS a bust, and probably the biggest of Bill Polian's tenure at the Colts.

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