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Originally Posted by Kaylore View Post
JerseyGuy, that list is awful. You didn't mention their crappy offensive line. Polian was good at signing free agents, but he also let a few good ones go. That list just makes Manning look amazing.
Exactly. The list was pitiful, and for some reason he used '05-'09 when Polian's last draft was '11. It's even worse if you go '07-'11. JerseyGuy actually did mention that the Colts OL was "falling apart," but it somehow escapes him that putting together a quality OL is the job of the GM. As far as Brown vs. Moreno...not sure why he made that comparison as Brown's career high is 647 rushing yards, a total Moreno has topped twice. Not that the comparison was relevant in any case. Brown stinks and was not a good 1st round pick.
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