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Rod Smith

Originally Posted by Drek View Post
I assumed like you that it was through the regular season only, so I didn't even check my lineup for my bye week. Wouldn't have made much difference anyway though.

Big time match-up man. Two top point scoring teams in the championship, by my rough math you've got ~11 point lead overall on the season. Both of our feature backs are facing good defenses. Should be a close match-up.
I'm not counting my chickens in this one. It's all about who you play on the day.

I nearly played Freeman last week and If I had I wouldn't be facing you in the final.

My head tells me Ryan in this one but then I cannot disregard the points Kaepernick just put up. It will be interesting and this is just one of the 4 out of 4 finals I've made in fantasy this year.

Good luck to you Drek.
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