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^ On what planet are Donald Brown and Joseph Addai "A-class RB[s]"? They're both about as mediocre as it gets, certainly not worthy of 1st round selections (even late 1st round). Other than Dallas Clark, none of those were great picks even if they weren't total failures.
Jackson and Gonzalez were both quality picks in the late 1st round. Both suffered injuries that you cannot blame Polian for.
Addai and Brown were both solid. They were smart, good blocking backs for Peyton. Addai has 1 SB ring, 2 AFC champs, and 1 pro bowl.
In 09 and 10, neither Addai nor Brown has spectacular #'s. But it was because 1) they split time and 2) the O-line was falling apart when Howard Mudd retired.

Also, Moreno was same draft as Brown, but much higher. Who has had the better career until the last few games?
But you have to look beyond the 1st round when grading drafting prowess. Give us the list of quality draft picks Polian made outside the 1st round his last five years. You probably won't need two hands.
So 05-09? I'll keep the list short, just to those that made the Colts a strong force
Bethea SS - round 6
Charlie Johnson LT - round 6
Clint Session LB - round 4
Jacob Tamme TE - round 4
Pierre Garcon WR - round 6
Jarraud Powers CB - round 3
Austin Collie WR - round 4
Pat McAfee P - round 7

From 02 to 09, the Colts averaged 12.375 wins per season.
Every season was double digit wins.
Every season was a trip to the playoffs.
1 SB champ, 2 AFC champ
6 AFC South titles in 8 years.

I concede. I stand corrected. Polian was awful.
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