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Bobby Humphrey

Originally Posted by errand View Post don't have accidents...people have accidents. Cars don't drink alcohol...people drink alcohol. Guns don't accidently shoot people...people accidently shoot people. Guns don't kill people....people kill people.

Sane responsible people owning guns is not the problem...just as sober responsible people are not the problem with DUI deaths. Psychos obtaining guns is the problem...but keep in mind this clown stole the guns he used. He didn't buy them at a gun show, or gun/pawn shop.

another problem is this psycho had no criminal record...and we cannot just put whack job people like him in the looney bin because he acted weird prior to his killing spree.

As a gun owner, I am responsible...I know that every round that is fired by me, I am going to be held accountable for...and God forbid the day comes that I have to shoot someone and they die as a result...I understand that I will probably be charged with murder until the evidence proves otherwise....the problem is that these nut jobs don't care about laws, or accountability.

Safe sober drivers shouldn't be punished because some idiot drives drunk, nor should safe responsible gun owners be punished because some psycho decides to steal a few guns and go on a killing spree.
That is a great post.
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