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Originally Posted by Br0nc0Buster View Post
Polian sucked in Indy before getting fired

He drafted some good players early on like Manning and Freeney, but he went several years with bust after bust of first rounders

I am not saying this just cuz he might go to the Chiefs
I have been saying for a while he was a ****ty gm in Indy
I have no idea what you or anyone else in this boat is thinking.

Polian was an AWESOME GM in Indy.
Bad 1st round picks after Freeney?
03 - Dallas Clark
04 - no 1st round pick
05 - Marlin Jackson CB - intercepted Brady in AFC champ game to end game. Injury in 08 basically ended his career
06 - Joseph Addai, A-class RB
07 - Anthony Gonzalez - very good 2 1/2 years before injury basically ended his career
08 - no 1st round pick
09 - Donald Brown, A-class RB

Remember nearly all of these picks were made somewhere around pick #30 since the Colts always finished at the top.
In fact, NOT ONE Polian round1 pick was ever a bust, going back to 98. Only Rob Morris was considered a bust for several years as a mediocre LB'er, until he had a huge resurgence in 2006 and was a large part of the postseason defensive success that won the SB.

Polian was nothing short of a fantastic drafter and front office guy.

As Kaylore said, his son was a shiatbag. Most people don't even know (including most Colts fans), but Chris took over as GM in 09, and Bill moved back to a sorta-semi-retired position. Bill was still the face of the Colts' front office to the public, and no one really knew what the heck Chris was doing besides wasting space.

All that said, Bill is about 70 years old, and that's way too late to begin a tenure with a new team.
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