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Originally Posted by jerseyguy4 View Post
CBS is up -
1 - Broncos
2 - Falcons
3 - Niners
4 - Pats
5 - Texans
6 - GB
7 - Seahags

1 - Broncos - They have won nine consecutive games and have played better than anybody else in that span. They've earned this spot. Take a bow, Peyton Manning.


Mean nothing? Yes - but it's sorta like grandma telling you you look handsome. It won't get you laid, but it's always nice to hear.
Come on, it feels damn good to see them at #1, doesn't it?
Also from CBS:

It's time to give Broncos corner Chris Harris some Pro Bowl consideration. He has been playing at that level all season. His big pick-six against the Ravens at the end of the half was huge as Denver beat Baltimore. When Tracy Porter had his illness issues, Harris went from nickel corner to starter. And he has continued to play at a high level. Champ Bailey is the best corner on the team, but Harris has played at a level that isn't far behind. Not bad for a guy who wasn't drafted.
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