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Bmore Manning

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I went back and watched the first half of the Ravens game and tallied the different defensive formations..

The Results:
4-3 Under/Over (Von at the LOS): 13
3-3-5: 6
2-4-5: 3
2-3-6: 1
4-2-5: 5

The only time there was a 0 technique was the only time we ran a 2-3-6, Wolfe played a 0 and Doom played a 6 technique.. Every other time there was shading over the shoulder which is one gapping! Even in 3-3-5 Wolfe played in a 6 technique.

He does SOME two gapping in our base 4-3 defense. Seattle uses Red Bryant to two gap the OT and Mebane Two gaps at NT, while Branch One gaps at DT.. Seattle also plays this style of penetrating and two gap holding to generate some pressure, but to allow seven box defenders to control 8 gaps without a safety in the box.

Wolfe does not out muscle and hold like Red Bryant, Wolfe pass rushes and gap shoots, but he sets the edge by rushing the outside shoulder of the OT and crashes inside on the run, which could be viewed as two gapping, but he is not used the same way Red Bryant is. Also none of our DTs two gap, or outmuscle and hold, they all penetrate. Seattle has a two gap NT and DE to help stop the run, with Irvin a blitzing SOLB like Miller, Branch a DT, and Clemons the DE used to pressure. It also works for them because they play press man which allows the pass rush to get home.

We almost always one gap, even Wolfe one gaps but he controls two gaps, do technically we are both right. We do not play press man like Seattle on the outside, though I wish we would. So I understand what you are saying about the draft, and how we can go either way, but unless we get bigger and more dominate at NT and at CB, then we cannot run our scheme like Seattles.
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