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Originally Posted by lonestar View Post
not sure if we could beat the niners or not.. their D is something special with that DL..
I put them at 1 because they are essentially a more deep Giants type team. The Giants figured out that the key to today's NFL game is having an elite pass rush. That's your only chance in a league that favors offenses and QBs like Brady, Brees, Manning and Rodgers.

So they built an elite front 7 and the question with them is can Kapernick and the offense do just enough.

Elway is also very smart, he knows what's going on. The Broncos also possess a great pass rush with Miller and Dumervill and the LBs do a solid job. I am confident in JDR getting the most out of these guys so that's why I have them at #2.

You need an elite pass rush in today's game. Also what seems to be becoming a pattern is the pistol offense. Obviously, the shanahans incorporated it first and now you have copy cats with SF and Seattle.

Right now it seems the league is all about the pass rush and teams are starting to counter it with insanely athletic, accurate QBs that freeze the defense and that can make the throws. This seems more legit than the wildcat but we will see.

Thank God Elway values defense and an elite pass rush. Flacco had no chance on Sunday.
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