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Originally Posted by errand View Post
FWIW houghtam....I'll say that almost all of the people who own guns for protection pray that they never have to use them.....just because we're not afraid to defend ourselves or other innocent people doesn't mean we have fantasies of killing intruders or stopping school shootings
As an firearm owner myself (ironically, I probably own and have more involvement -- reloading, restoring, collecting, etc. -- in firearms than some or even most of the NRA 2nd amendment homers on the board) I can say that I've met both types in significant numbers:

* People like you, myself and others that would avoid taking a life, even of an attacker, unless absolutely necessary.
* People that DO lust after the idea of taking out "the bad guys" and being "a hero".

The idea that the second category doesn't exist in significant numbers is just not true.
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