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Houghtam stated - So you are saying it is acceptable. "Acceptable" doesn't mean you like or encourage it, it means that you acknowledge that you realize there are consequences, but in the end it doesn't matter as long as you get to keep your guns. This is evidenced by the fact that if someone even tries to introduce gun control legislation (not simply banning guns), the gun-worshippers will be the first to preach the good word of the Second Amendment.

Uh, is not acceptable...saying it is acceptable means I think it's OK. If banning guns would prevent murders and mass killings, I'd be all for it. You just need to convince the rapists and thieves and killers and other criminals to turn their guns in first...good luck with that.

I carry a gun, and if I was at Sandy Hook School and saw this creep pull out his gun to shoot innocent people he'd have been dead before he knew what the **** had happened....and guess what "Mr. I have an agenda", there are gun control laws. It's not like you can just walk into a gun store and purchase a gun.....I cannot buy an automatic weapon....I cannot by a sub-machine gun or MG42.

I can however upon passing a background check and registering my weapon in accordance with the gun control laws in the state I reside in legally own a semi-automatic rifle or hand gun

And as I said, in many cases it takes a completely different psychological make-up to kill someone with a knife vs. a bomb vs. a gun. This is over and above the common sense that knives don't quite have the range that guns do, and the fact that the sword that is your argument has two edges...just think of the damage Speck could have done if had used a gun instead.

I'll argue that it takes a whack job to murder someone regardless of the weapon of for some stupid reason think that nobody ever murdered anyone until the gun was invented....and Speck couldn't have done anymore damage had he had a gun...he still would have killed the nurses. As it ends up he was able to do so quite well without a gun....but pray tell how many would he have been able to kill if one or more of those nurses were carrying a gun themselves? I bet the number is far less than the 12 he did in fact murder

Except this isn't Rambo, or Toy Soldiers, or whatever other NRA fantasy circle jerk film you people worship, this is real life. I would be a little more comfortable with concealed and open carry if the people carrying had to go through the same rigorous tests the military does, but they don't.

Au contraire mother****er! While I can't speak for every state, I can say that those who carry concealed in many of them have to go thru a class and are instructed in the responsible use of hand guns and gun law. And I'm a former Marine, and many many other gun owners are current and former military men and women. Again you are talking about everyone...I'm talking about sane, responsible law abiding citizens who don't act like it's the old wild west, but will defend even your ignorant life should some psycho have a gun or knife coming towards you

The potential to make an awful situation much worse is just as likely as stopping it entirely. They put a school on lockdown today because some kids were playing with a long umbrella that someone thought was a gun. What do you think would have happened if the teacher who called in the incident was toting a gun?

Did you ever hear of the Pearl River, MS school shooting? Sixteen year old Luke Woodham murdered his mother, then went to his high school wearing an orange jumpsuit and trench coat, and shot and killed two people and wounded several others before getting into his mother's car to head towards Pearl river middle school and conduct yet another shooting rampage.....

did the fact that the school was a gun free zone stop him? Nope....

did a law abiding armed citizen (asst. principal Joel Myrick) stop him from committing more murders? Yes....

Once again, a responsible law abiding citizen who was armed prevented middle schoolers from being murdered and reduced the carnage this psycho clown tried to do.
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