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Originally Posted by Bmore Manning View Post
We are not playing a traditional 3-4.. We hybrid 3-4 fronts.. Which is what the 5-2 is.. But it's from the 4-3 just a shift and Miller at the LOS. But make no mistake it's 1 gapping, and that's what we do 90% of the time at a minimum.

The emphasis of Wolfe at DE is to keep from putting a safety in the box. It allows scheming the LBs and DBs. Wolfe can only bull rush.. You don't need to draft a DE, Hunter was going to play SDE.. Ayers and Jackson also can. If Ayers played SDE, he would generate more pressure than Wolfe, and still set the edge. So much attention would be on the edge that Wolfe and his bull rush would get home ALL the time! Throw in a disruptive NT and that's a dangerous front.

You draft a NT like Brandon Williams who is disruptive and has impressive size. You retain Big Vick and probably Silga and maybe throw in another Vet. You don't let Hunter walk when he can be resigned cheap. Jackson can back up Ayers..
As stated previously, we do run a hybrid front with the base being a 3-3-5. Like any defense, we have various packages. You're confusing formations with the base personnel. In our base package, which we run the vast majority of all our games, we have three DL (Dumervil, a DT, Wolfe), three LBs (Woodyard, a LB, Miller), and 5 DBs (Bailey, Harris, Moore, Adams, and Carter). At DT, Bannan, Vickerson, and Unrein rotate in evenly. At LB, Brooking, Williams, and Trevathan rotate in based on circumstance.

Derrick Wolfe is asked to two gap almost every play and he never leaves the field. He's typically lined up on the outside shoulder of the Left Tackle. He has to control the B and C gaps. When they move him inside, especially when he's lined up at 0 tech, he's two gapping. I'd say 90% of the time, he's two gapping, which requires either a bull rush or standing still and holding ground (read and react).

Wolfe at DE has nothing to do with the Safety. It has to do with allowing Miller to rush while maintaining control of all the gaps. Seattle runs the same defense with Chris Clemons/Bruce Irvin. They use Red Bryant in the same role. Oakland does something similar with Lamarr Houston freeing up SAM LB Phillip Wheeler. When you only employ one ILB and you consistently rush one of the OLBs, you have to play gap control with your linemen.

You're very enthusiastic about the type of defense you believe we should play. That's great. I don't agree nor disagree with you. I'm just pointing out how Jack Del Rio is using our current roster of players. And that, with our current level of success, he'll likely continue to use them in the same manner next year. Whatever scheme we were thinking of playing in training camp prior to injuries has no bearing on what we play going forward. This current scheme is one of the best in the NFL. And all of the key players will be here next year. The odds suggest another season of 3-3-5 as our most employed scheme. That's going to require a two-gapping 5 tech at LE, and I think Wolfe will be staying put. I'm going to plan my draft and offseason mocks around that concept.
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