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Originally Posted by errand View Post
No, mass murder is not acceptable, but it does happen, and the US Constitution gives me the right to arm myself to ensure it doesn't happen to me or my kids, or anyone else...

So you are saying it is acceptable. "Acceptable" doesn't mean you like or encourage it, it means that you acknowledge that you realize there are consequences, but in the end it doesn't matter as long as you get to keep your guns. This is evidenced by the fact that if someone even tries to introduce gun control legislation (not simply banning guns), the gun-worshippers will be the first to preach the good word of the Second Amendment.

Richard Speck killed about a dozen nursing students with a knife and his bare hands, so will you admit you want to continue to have a butcher knife and those nurses are collateral damage? don't be stupid man....

And as I said, in many cases it takes a completely different psychological make-up to kill someone with a knife vs. a bomb vs. a gun. This is over and above the common sense that knives don't quite have the range that guns do, and the fact that the sword that is your argument has two edges...just think of the damage Speck could have done if had used a gun instead.

You keep trying to paint people into your template...

once again, if there was one or more law abiding citizens who were armed, those mass shootings are probably prevented or at the least, the death toll greatly reduced...because that ****ing clown that shot those kids might have gotten the principal...he'd have been the next person shot and killed

Except this isn't Rambo, or Toy Soldiers, or whatever other NRA fantasy circle jerk film you people worship, this is real life. I would be a little more comfortable with concealed and open carry if the people carrying had to go through the same rigorous tests the military does, but they don't. The potential to make an awful situation much worse is just as likely as stopping it entirely. They put a school on lockdown today because some kids were playing with a long umbrella that someone thought was a gun. What do you think would have happened if the teacher who called in the incident was toting a gun?
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