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Originally Posted by errand View Post
What is odd is that very few are willing to admit that this tragedy could have been prevented at best or been less severe had one or more of those teachers been a law abiding citizen that was armed.

What you left out in your long list of deadly shootings is that those weren't committed by responsible gun owners.....if those whack jobs couldn't obtain a gun legally, they would have still acquired one by either stealing it or buying it from another criminal element.

Law abiding citizens are called such because they obey the law...psychos and criminals unfortunately do not. And when seconds count, remember that the police are minutes away.

As for how I my avatar. My right to own a gun is what protects your right to tell me I can't own one. I carry a gun because I'm not strong enough to carry a cop around all day....and my life is more valuable to me than the thug trying to harm me. If he valued life at all, he would never have broken into my home, or tried to jack my car, or kill me.
So, yes or no? Are those mass shootings acceptable collateral damage? Are you okay with the status quo?
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