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Originally Posted by cutthemdown View Post
But right now only a few citizens are armed. You guys are talking about making it easier for everyone to carry. Those stats might change into 3-4 more people killed by crossfire etc. Also police respond to so many more then a citizen so comparing the two seems like a bit of a reach to me.

But an interesting stat if its accurate.

Still if i heard shooting, then i run out, and 3 people have guns it would be tough to know who to shoot. All 3 could be gunman, or 2 of them, or none of them.
The difference is that an armed citizen could respond immediately to a shooting rampage, the cops take longer to get there and assess the situation waiting on SWAT possibly, etc......

There was a mass murder in a Luby's several years ago...and they interviewed a woman whose parents were killed in it....she was a legal gun owner who had left her gun in her vehicle as she obeyed the sign on the front door that said "no guns allowed". She had just come out of the restroom approximately one minute before the shooting rampage started, and the perps hadn't noticed her...she would have had a clear shot at them, and could have dropped them...if only.

imagine if the principal or one of the teachers/assistants were concealed carriers? This mother****er probably doesn't kill a solitary child as he'd have been dropped liked 3rd period French class as soon as he drew his weapon....

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