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Malik Jackson

Please, Please let this be true

Polian is as tied to the past in his philosophy as Shanahan is devoted to mediocre sycophants being around him!

I would absolutely love Polian walking into that mess in KC and trying to meld their personnel into his philosophy. He destroyed INDY the last few years without Dungy and has not been a solid drafter in over 6 years. Yes he did a great job in Manning versus Leaf, Edgerrin James versus Ricky Williams, and even getting Freeney in the mid first round. However, he has not been able to draft the new talent coming out of college for a decade. His last major success was Freeney in 2002. Who else has he drafted since then? The ONLY decent player left from him is Antoine Bethea. 2005 til last year he has swung and missed on a ton of players.

Polian would be the perfect guy to take over KC from a broncos perspective. 5 more years of disarray and mediocrity at best IMHO.
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